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Genetics, Genetics, Genetics

Research, Research, Research. 

Proven!!!! In so many fields. 


Our aim is to breed the best possible working line labradors in Australia. Our breeding program is focused on working ability and traits. 

We have travelled to New Zealand, UK and USA observing field/working bred labradors. We continue to visit America sourcing working field line genetics. 


Health is also highly valued. For example, we were the first Australian labrador breeder to test for exercise induced collapse and centronuclear myopathy.  Additionally retinal dysplasia/osd.


AVA hip and elbow dysplasia grading schemes are performed achieving great results.

All dams and sires have eye clearances.


Pennhip evaluation is also performed. Info.antechimagingservices.com/pennhip

We import and primarily use frozen semen from the USA in our quality proven dams.


We breed for working traits.....desire to retrieve, love of water, intelligence/memory, athletic body shape, biddability, desire to work, hunt Hunt and more HUNT and scenting ability.


We are proud to have bred dozens of police drug, explosive, and other contraband labrador retrievers. In fact, an Australian Record number, by a private breeder.


We are proud of breeding multiple Australian National Retrieving Trial Champions. Again unprecented number in this country. The Australian National Retrieving Trial Championship is normally held in September. 

Winning 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2007, 2004 Additionally a stud dog bred and owned by us sired the 2010 and 2008 winner.  

Link to Leaderboard of 2019 National (Australian) scores for retrieving trials placegetters



We are proud of our search and rescue labradors.

We are proud of our many hunt/retrieving trial labradors not only Australian Retrieving Trial Champions.

We are proud of our privately owned obedience, agility and loved family pet labradors.



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Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond
Alexandra, VIC, Australia
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