Planned litters 2019


Litter one. TCI Frozen semen (Imported Adderslot Labradors), Monash Veterinary Clinic. Puppies due 19th April 2019.

Repeat breeding. First litter now 14 months old. From all reports doing well. They are with retrieving trial competitors, police, agility, search and rescue, Government contract hunter, duck hunters, and overseas.

Sire: USA Field Trial Champion and Amateur Field Trial Champion Pepperjack Marsh Surfer (Dude) Good (OFFA) hips, normal elbows, normal eyes, and clear EIC CNM and PRA as are all other available tests. Dude is a very easy dog to train. Very good nerve/relaxed, fast learner, big motor/high drive. No health issues and no injuries. Outstanding field trial record in America. I selected Dude when he was young during one of my never ending USA trips searching for the best genetics. He did not have his FC or AFC at that time but wow!  

You may like to view a video of Dude (and the type of studs Adderslot import from the US) in competition. Last/TENTH series of a recent US Amateur National with his owner. A water quad.

Dam: Adderslot Snow White NRD (US Master Hunter Maple Creeks Captain Morgan again semen imported by Adderslot Labrador Retrievers) x Truclass Pink (Sired by Adderslot Star Spangled Yank IMP USA) Hips 1:1 PennHIP Left Distraction Index 0.22 Right Distraction index 0.28. Elbows: 0:0 Eyes normal. EIC CNM PRA clear as are all other available tests.

Snow is high drive, high energy, and outstanding nerve. Snow is a very active Labrador. No health issues and no injuries. This is Snows third and last litter.Snow has proven to be an exceptional producer. Snows siblings again are with search and rescue groups and police. RT CH Adderslot Honcho, RT CH Adderslot Ruby, RT CH Adderslot Maximus Sam, to name a few, all result from Morgan and Adderslot bitches.

Black and possible yellow puppies expected. All first breeding were black, even though sire/Dude and dam/Snow carry the yellow gene.

Litter two: Sire: RT CH Adderslot Johnny B Goode CM x Dam: Adderslot Tuscanys Mojo Due 29th April 2019

Johnny has been the Dogs Queensland Retrieving Trial dog of the Year 2017 and 2018. He is also number one male Retrieving Trial dog in Australia 2018. Johnny is trained, trialled and loved by Jake and Carol Christensen.

His litter sibling RT CH Adderslot Georgie Anna is the 2018 Dogs Victoria Retrieving Trial Dog the year.

Other litter siblings again have proven themselves in many working fields.

RT CH Adderslot Johnny B Goode health clearances: Hips 1.1 PennHIP Right DI 0.13 Left DI 0.14 Elbows: 0:0 Eyes Normal EIC CNM PRA and the rest clear. No health issues or injuries. Johnny is sired by US and Canadian Field Trial Champion Westwood Sunday Silence (imported once again by Adderslot Labrador Retrievers) after viewing this wonderful dog.


Dam: Adderslot Tuscanys Mojo (NZ CH Jancerie Jumping Jack Flash of Blackhills x RT CH Adderslot Tuscanys Arrow).

RT Adderslot Tuscanys Arrow needs no introduction. The results speak for themselves. Arrow is the sibling of the current National Australian Championship Adderslot Maggie May and others. Sired by USA National Field Trial Champion and Amateur Field Trial champion Hunters Run Boo Boo (Imported semen Adderslot Labradors) x National Retrieving Trial Champion 2014 2015 2016 2017 Adderslot Chief.

Mojos Hips: 8:7 PennHIP Right DI 0.34 Left DI 0.31 US OFFA Fair/Normal Elbows 0:0 Eyes Normal EIC CNM and PRA clear as well as all other available tests.

Mojo is untrialled at this time. Mojo siblings serve a variety of roles for the police etc.
Puppies will be black.

I have a number of orders to fill from these two exceptional litters. Depending on number of puppies, I may have a puppy available.

LIMITED REGISTRATION $2,700. BREEDERS TERMS A POSSIBILITY Julie Cramond 0418334406 [email protected]


The litters will be raised in our home. Our dogs also have their own lounge room!

After weaning, moved to sleep outside at night, but have acccess to our house, yard and activities through the day. We have recently retired to our and the labradors, dream property of nearly 100 acres.  We have no children and are devoted to our breeding program.

We spare no expense or effort, from sire and dam selection to rearing puppies to 8 weeks of age.  

We are with our puppies 24 hours per day.

When on overseas trips why not spend the whole time watching training, observing and researching our next studs, or attending working labrador retrievers international breeding conferences?

Everyone needs a passion in their lives!

After all........ years...and years ago... I was advised its just as expensive/heart breaking/waste of time/unfair, to keep a bad horse than a good one. Why have a horse without exceptional movement when dressage is important. Why have an untalented jumper?  Why not have a horse with excellent "momentum".....what we call "drive" in dogs? I have followed equine, canine and farm animal breeding practices. Genetics matters.


Our interest is working line labradors.  As a result our puppies are placed where they are specifically required to work/detect (contraband ie drugs, bomb, blood, search and rescue, cadavar etc, invasive species, tracking game), for performance competitions/activities (retrieving, obedience and agility trials) or hunting.  

If you have reared puppies for Border Force or the police and prefer a working line labrador feel free to contact.  



Perhaps you may like to rear a puppy for the Australian Border Force Detector Dog Program? Please refer to the link below:








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Dr Andrew & Mrs Julie Cramond
Alexandra, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0357721218/ 0418 334406
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